Julia soon discovered that he did not much like spending money, and when - Финансы

They ate a meal together, or on a Sunday went for a small excursion, she took

Care to pay her share of the expenses. She did not mind this. She liked him for

Counting the pennies, and, inclined to be extravagant herself and always a

Week or two behind with her rent, she admired him because he hated to be in

Debt and even with the small salary he was getting managed to save up a little

Every week. He was anxious to have enough put by so that when he went to

London he need not accept the first part that was offered him, but could

Afford to wait till he got one that gave him a real chance. His father had little

More than his pension to live on, and it had been a sacrifice to send him to

Cambridge. His father, not liking the idea of his going on the stage, had

Insisted on this.

"If you want to be an actor (если ты хочешь быть актером) I suppose (я

полагаю) I can't stop you (я не могу остановить тебя)," he said, "but damn it all

(но черт все побери), I insist (я настаиваю) on your being educated like a

gentleman (на том, чтобы ты получил образование, как джентльмен)."

It gave Julia a good deal of satisfaction (ей принесло огромное удовлетворение;

to give satisfaction — давать удовлетворение) to discover that Michael's father

was a colonel (обнаружить, что отец Майкла /был/ полковник), it impressed

her to hear (на нее произвело впечатление услышать, как) him speak of an

ancestor (он говорит о предке) who had gambled away his fortune (который

проиграл в карты все свое состояние; to gamble — играть в азартные игры,

играть на деньги; fortune — счастье, удача, судьба; богатство, состояние)

at White's during the Regency (в клубе «Вайтс» во времена Регентства; White's

— старейший клуб в Лондоне, основан в 1736; Regency — регентство,

пребывание у власти регента, в Англии 1811 — 1820 гг.), and she liked the

signet ring (и ей нравилось кольцо с печаткой) Michael wore (которое носил

Майкл) with the boar's head on it (с головой вепря /на нем/) and the motto (и

девизом): Nemo me impune lacessit (/лат./ Никто не тронет меня


"I believe you're prouder of your family (я думаю: «верю», что ты больше

гордишься своей семьей) than of looking like a Greek god (чем тем, что красив:

«выглядишь», как греческий бог)," she told him fondly (сказала она ему

любовно, с любовью).

"Anyone can be good-looking (кто угодно может быть красивым)," he

answered, with his sweet smile (ответил он со своей приятной улыбкой), "but

not everyone can belong to a decent family (но не каждый может принадлежать

к приличной семье; to belong — принадлежать, быть собственностью,

быть частью). To tell you the truth (сказать /тебе/ по правде) I'm glad my

governor's a gentleman (я рад, что мой отец: «губернатор, правитель» —


educate ['edjVkeIt] ancestor ['xnsqstq, 'xnsestq] regency ['ri:dZ(q)nsI]

"If you want to be an actor I suppose I can't stop you," he said, "but damn it

all, I insist on your being educated like a gentleman."

It gave Julia a good deal of satisfaction to discover that Michael's father was a